Come Together.

As I sat back and considered the current state of our country and recent events, these words just flowed out of my spirit..“Let him who has ears to hear listen.” It’s time to come together church.

In the body of Christ there is neither Jew, nor Greek slave, nor free. There is just one body, blood bought designed to work together in perfect unity. My heart breaks as I see the anger and hate. There is only one true way to make America great. The people of God must push away the plate of indifference and distraction and seek God’s face as he leads us into action. We must come together and step out on faith. For there is only one hope for the human race, that is at the cross. Where God’s wrath was poured out on Jesus so we can know God’s forgiveness, mercy, and grace and also know God as our Father and not just the potter. You see, he paid a price for us all to be transformed into the image of Christ. Not the societal image that Jesus is perceived to be, whether that is white or any other one race, but to walk in our new identities as children of light. So against injustice we stand and fight as salt and light, but we do not fight with weapons of man with guns in our hands. For our battle is not against flesh-and blood, but against the devil and his scheming demons who seek to divide with the lie that we are different because of what we see with our eyes.  We are one all made in the image of God. Help us come together Oh Lord in unity, at the cross there is level ground. We find hope and redemption and direction for the lost. So, if you have counted up the cost, call out to Jesus right now and be commissioned with a purpose to tell the world whose image they bear. It’s not about what clothes they wear. We must tell them of the price paid for them and dispel the lie that they are worthless.  It’s time to come together church.

These words echo the prayer Jesus prayed for US in John 17:20-23.

It’s time to come together church.

Scripture References:


Post by: Will Barker

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